TCRH Mosbach

Since 2015, the BRH (German Search and Rescue Dog Association) has operated a teaching and training centre for disaster relief on the site of the former Neckartal barracks, with a core area of 60,000 m2 and a total area of 270,000 m2. Emergency services train here in all areas of disaster control and civil protection as well as internal security in an interdisciplinary manner. The existing land and building structures can fulfil all requirements in terms of technical and non-technical services for tactical and operational training and exercises. This allows specific scenarios, as well as large-scale damage, mass shootings and terrorism, to be easily reconstructed. Modernised training rooms, indoor exercise rooms, conference technology and offices, as well as accommodation for up to 150 people, optimise the efficiency of the training courses. There is also very close cooperation with the owner of the site. This makes it easy to provide different materials such as concrete, wood, steel, electronics, paper, etc., as well as disposal for destructive and non-destructive exercises and training. The TCRH Mosbach also serves as the main training centre for the BRH for biological and technical search and detection in rubble. Several sites are currently under construction or have already been completed. These cover a wide range of scenarios and are invaluable for the high-level training of emergency responders.

TCRH Hünxe

On 9 April 2008, the purchase contract for the former Anita-Thyssen-Heim park was signed by the BRH committee at the town hall in Hünxe, near Wesel. The world’s first training centre just for rescue dog handlers and emergency staff was created from the land. On the approximately 75,000 square metres of land, practical exercises such as area search, subordination and work using technical devices can be performed. A debris field is currently nearing completion, which will also meet the high demands of debris work. At the time, the property was built by Thyssen as a training facility for plant employees, and so sufficient seminar and conference rooms are available for the BRH members. An industrial commercial kitchen and accommodation for 68 event participants is perfect for the Association. For major events, the gym on the site can be included. As the land hadn’t been used for several years, large clear-up and renovation works were planned, which were organised by the labour service. Members from all over Germany regularly and enthusiastically participate in the works and are proud of the Association’s own centre.

TCRH Malchin

The BRH acquired a large industrial site near the town of Malchin in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in March 2010, which will be expanded over the next few years to become a world-unique debris practice area. Complex practice scenarios can now be developed on the approximately 25,000 m2 area of a former concrete plant. The special feature: several halls that are 90 metres long, up to 16 metres wide and up to three floors high enable the establishment of indoor practice exercises and thus year-round exercise drills. A large brick building with a beam structure is also to be brought down shortly in a controlled manner and will offer a realistic application scenario. A large drill was carried out here in April 2010, and a review of the BRH foreign squadron took place in September of the same year.